It’s no substitute for a thrilling test-drive, but a MINI brochure will put some nice photos and spec information in your hands. We're pleased to offer you two options:

Five MINI vehicles in different colors parked in a beige brick parking lot on a sunny day, each facing in a different direction, with a modern glass building and checker windowed building stretched horizontally in the background.



After picking a model and customizing it in the “Build Your Own” section, you can download a personalized brochure complete with your chosen options, accessories and specs to commemorate the occasion. Just click the “REVIEW & SAVE” button after you’re done designing your MINI, select "DOWNLOAD & PRINT" and choose the first option.

A light grey MINI vehicle with black bonnet stripes driving alongside a blue MINI vehicle with white bonnet stripes in an urban setting on a sunny day, with a brown brick building stretched horizontally in the background and the MINI vehicles’ surroundings blurred out.



While not as personal as custom designing your own MINI, our standard brochure is quite useful. Chock-full of info about all MINI models, you can download a copy here. And don’t forget to join our email list, so you’re sure to stay up-to-date on all things MINI.

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